Tuesday, 15 February 2011

In bed with ... my Laptop!

Well I'm making the most of the benefits of home working today. I've come back from the school run cold and wet, so climbed into my warm bed to work!! he he naughty I know. I am aware that it is thought to be much more conducive to productive working from home to get up and dressed as if one were going to the office but, nnaa why create the extra washing to distract you from work when there's a fluffy dressing gown needing some wearing!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Not fed up :)

Well I have to say this has been a week when I have felt like celebrating the joys of working from home. As I was on my half an hour walk to and from the garage that was MOTing my car (which passed, phew!) today I was asking myself why I felt so good about this week!
1. I have felt more exciting about the work I've been doing, I actually feel like I might be moving things forward, finding a way to make a difference.
2. I have kept my diary busy, I've had no down time, been rushing from one thing to another (even if some of those things have been social the work bit in between has been more productive as a result of my busyness)
3. I'm just in a 'better place', feel brighter generally.

Umm if I could take medication to ensure that I feel like this everyday life would be fine, dandy and productive!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Happy Valentines to me!

Well I'm buzzing at the mo, been bevering away all morning, sent out a news release responded to a number of emails, done some finance stuff and of course some blogging! I had a very nice visit from the post man today, look at what the lovely people at 02 sent me! I'm such a sucker but the love hearts, love hearts sherbet dip and juicy lips chews are going down very nicely. (There were two packs of love hearts but my husband had demolished those before I could stop him, will that's his pressie sorted).

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

My two musicians

This is how my two lovlies were looking as I was busy 'working' (I'm now counting exploring the world of blogging as work related) just before they started fighting! Must be bed and wine time I reckon!

On a bit of a high!

I know I'm up and down like a..... But feeling much more positive and productive over the last couple of days, think the sunshine yesterday, spending some time my friends and my first Cappuccino for a while all helped to motivate me, so with house cleaned and a run had it was all systems go with the paper work I've been putting off, just in time to pick the children up from school! I really have found that planning a catch up with a friend first thing really helps me to focus on work just makes my 'window' for work that bit smaller.

I've been getting really excited about the different ways social media might help me with my work. I have a work blog to have a look http://wiltshireartspromoters.blogspot.com

I'm also getting a 2 for 1 deal at the mo because I'm getting my husband (who's recovering from an op) to work on a website for me, so I'm banking the hours he works against my contracted hours, so if he's working on the website while I'm working on socially interacting with friends whilst sampling local coffee shops, I'm getting paid!!! Nice one!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Fed up :(

Been feelin' generally a bit fed up over the past few days, really missing the buzz of being out and about amongst 'PEOPLE'. I've been trying to meet up with friends for a coffee most days to give me something to look forward to. Poor hubby's having a bit of a rough time, still feeling poorly after his op on a kidney stone (waiting to have his stent removed) and he's having to put up with a miserable wife. I find it hard that he's home all the time to sometimes just want to be able to be in the house on my own. He has been helping me out with building a website for work though so I can count the hours he's working on that as mine so I'm under a little less pressure to deliver my hours which is good. OK enough whining! back to it, gonna pop to the bank who have charged me when I've not gone over my overdraft and squeeze in a coffee break with my friend Rachel x

Thursday, 27 January 2011

off to Bath, yyaayy will see people!

I've spent the morning doing some reading in prep for a mtg with a lovely theatre company I'm going to be producing! (not untrue just failed to tell you I fell asleep for a little while whilst reading!) Now to get dressed, yep that's the reality of me working from home can often be found clean, but still in my dressing gown at noon! need to get to the station for 1 so best get a wriggle on! (I've got a laser hair removal sesh before my mtg, ouch!)

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

After the school run!

A birthday tea and an after school club have afforded me that precious extra time today alas I'm now at that time when any productivity I may have been able to muster pre 3.30 has gone! I've enjoyed a bowl of soup with my daughter, done some reading of job apps (a school governor task not a paid one!) daughter now sitting in the cosy living room and me in the office trying to work ssoooo tempted to go snuggle under a blanket and have a snooze instead! The way of things is usually that I drag myself through the bath a bed bit, sit trance like in front of the telly until about 11pm when I come to life again then go to be far too late and drag myself through another day, shattered tomorrow! Anyone struggle?

Working from home, yippee or booo?

Hi me (probably just speaking to myself, nothing new there). I'm a year into working for my self having left a very high pressure job with long hours! GREAT all that I've always wanted, working in the Arts, which I Love, having more time with my beautiful family and managing my own time, now there's the snag! Managing my own time! I've gone from being able to gets masses done under pressure (motivated by knowing how much I hadn't done) to feeling repeieved to have managed 3 hours at my desk at home!

I have been taken back to my days of studying, watching Eastenders (I've given up that habit) with the weight of guilt hanging over me that there was an essay waiting to be written. I'm only needing to work around 20 hours per week but it hangs over me for 60! I so miss that buzz of working with a team, dragging myself out of the house in the morning cursing the need to go to work, but then my spirits being lifted by wonderful people who inspire and motivate. Now it's just little ol' me and my husband at home, no phones ringing, no customers complaining or praising, no auditorium full of expectant children ooohhhhing as the lights go down.

We I've decided to start playing with social media, maybe find a network of other struggling home workers to keep me company. I've been on a training course today with @mediasnackers learning about the opportunities out there to play, learn and share. So gonna play learn and share away! Watch this space!!