Friday, 11 February 2011

Not fed up :)

Well I have to say this has been a week when I have felt like celebrating the joys of working from home. As I was on my half an hour walk to and from the garage that was MOTing my car (which passed, phew!) today I was asking myself why I felt so good about this week!
1. I have felt more exciting about the work I've been doing, I actually feel like I might be moving things forward, finding a way to make a difference.
2. I have kept my diary busy, I've had no down time, been rushing from one thing to another (even if some of those things have been social the work bit in between has been more productive as a result of my busyness)
3. I'm just in a 'better place', feel brighter generally.

Umm if I could take medication to ensure that I feel like this everyday life would be fine, dandy and productive!

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