Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Working from home, yippee or booo?

Hi me (probably just speaking to myself, nothing new there). I'm a year into working for my self having left a very high pressure job with long hours! GREAT all that I've always wanted, working in the Arts, which I Love, having more time with my beautiful family and managing my own time, now there's the snag! Managing my own time! I've gone from being able to gets masses done under pressure (motivated by knowing how much I hadn't done) to feeling repeieved to have managed 3 hours at my desk at home!

I have been taken back to my days of studying, watching Eastenders (I've given up that habit) with the weight of guilt hanging over me that there was an essay waiting to be written. I'm only needing to work around 20 hours per week but it hangs over me for 60! I so miss that buzz of working with a team, dragging myself out of the house in the morning cursing the need to go to work, but then my spirits being lifted by wonderful people who inspire and motivate. Now it's just little ol' me and my husband at home, no phones ringing, no customers complaining or praising, no auditorium full of expectant children ooohhhhing as the lights go down.

We I've decided to start playing with social media, maybe find a network of other struggling home workers to keep me company. I've been on a training course today with @mediasnackers learning about the opportunities out there to play, learn and share. So gonna play learn and share away! Watch this space!!

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