Wednesday, 9 February 2011

On a bit of a high!

I know I'm up and down like a..... But feeling much more positive and productive over the last couple of days, think the sunshine yesterday, spending some time my friends and my first Cappuccino for a while all helped to motivate me, so with house cleaned and a run had it was all systems go with the paper work I've been putting off, just in time to pick the children up from school! I really have found that planning a catch up with a friend first thing really helps me to focus on work just makes my 'window' for work that bit smaller.

I've been getting really excited about the different ways social media might help me with my work. I have a work blog to have a look

I'm also getting a 2 for 1 deal at the mo because I'm getting my husband (who's recovering from an op) to work on a website for me, so I'm banking the hours he works against my contracted hours, so if he's working on the website while I'm working on socially interacting with friends whilst sampling local coffee shops, I'm getting paid!!! Nice one!

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