Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Fed up :(

Been feelin' generally a bit fed up over the past few days, really missing the buzz of being out and about amongst 'PEOPLE'. I've been trying to meet up with friends for a coffee most days to give me something to look forward to. Poor hubby's having a bit of a rough time, still feeling poorly after his op on a kidney stone (waiting to have his stent removed) and he's having to put up with a miserable wife. I find it hard that he's home all the time to sometimes just want to be able to be in the house on my own. He has been helping me out with building a website for work though so I can count the hours he's working on that as mine so I'm under a little less pressure to deliver my hours which is good. OK enough whining! back to it, gonna pop to the bank who have charged me when I've not gone over my overdraft and squeeze in a coffee break with my friend Rachel x

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